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Training Times

The club has coached training sessions during Oxford terms, held at Iffley Road Gym. For Michaelmas 2023 these are the open training times:


Tuesday (all)..............17:30-19:30

Thursday (all)..............15:30-17:30

Sunday (all)..............08:30-10:30


No session on Sunday November 26.


You are welcome to come to the open training sessions, even if you have no experience. There are also additional training sessions for more experienced members that are invite-only.

For training, please bring a skipping rope, hand wraps and water. Gloves can be borrowed, but if you start coming frequently you may also wish to invest in a pair of bag gloves. We recommend 14oz for men, 12oz for women. We sell hand wraps.

More information is available on the FAQ page.

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