Pay Membership

Your first two sessions at the club are free, so you can get the feel for what training with us is like. If you want to continue training after that, we ask that you pay our annual membership fees, as outlined below. We prefer Paypal, but if you would like to make a bank transfer please contact the Treasurer for the account details.

Oxford University Students

£50 per term / £110 per year

Oxford University Staff & Other University Students

£60 per term / £150 per year

Other Members

£70 per term / £180 per year

The Alf Gallie Memorial Hardship Fund

Thanks to a very generous donor who has requested to remain anonymous, the club has launched the Alf Gallie Memorial Hardship Fund. This fund aims to support members of the club for whom the annual subscription fee is a significant financial burden, and who cannot get sufficient sports funding from their college. If you would like to apply for half or full subsidisation of your membership, please fill in the form below and email it to the club President. The information included will be kept confidential and only shared with those who will be allocating funding.

Most colleges also have sports fund that students can apply to for reimbursement of their membership fees.


If you would like to make a donation to the club, please do so through the University Development Office website:

If you have any donation queries, please direct them to the club President.

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