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A Year of OUABC

The OUABC year is incredibly busy, particularly for our competitive boxers. There are three shows a year, as well as a Tenerife training camp in early January.

Joining the club can feel a little bit like stepping into the unknown, so we've outlined what a typical year looks like for us.



The beginning of Michaelmas is usually very busy, with lots of new members joining us over the course of the term. Towards the end of the term, we hold our annual Oxford Women's Boxing Show, which is an incredible opportunity for us to showcase our Women's team - and great for our new members to see what a boxing show is like. The Women's Show is one-of-its-kind in the UK, and is only made possible because we have one of the biggest women's teams in the country.

In the last few weeks of term, selection for the Tenerife training camp is made by the captains and the coaches. This decision is based on a combination of ability and commitment.


In the week before Hilary term starts we organise an intense pre-season training camp in Tenerife.

A typical day starts with a 7km run at 6am, followed by some sprints and bodyweight exercises on the beach and a dip afterwards to cool off – all before breakfast.

In the late morning, we head to the nearby boxing gym for bag work and circuits, followed by lunch at the hotel. Late evening we have our third and final session of the day, which focuses on technique and sparring.

In between sessions, many boxers relax by the rooftop pool, work, or head down to the beach. All meals are eaten in the hotel, from a buffet that the boxers become very familiar with.

On two of the days that week, instead of the morning promenade run we do a 12km run along the Teide; the highest volcano in the world outside of Hawaii. It is an enjoyable run through spectacular scenery, although it is a demanding route, making it often the most memorable moment for many of the squad.

Tenerife is a physically demanding week, but our boxers return fitter and more ready to

step into the ring than they have ever been before.



Hilary is the busiest term we have in the boxing club. We continue to have new people joining us throughout the term, whilst our competitive team are thrown straight into our second show of the year: Town vs Gown. 

Every year we host this sold-out show in the prestigious setting of the Oxford Union, where OUABC boxers go up against challengers from other clubs, universities, and other members of our own club. The night offers many of our boxers a chance to compete, and is a precursor to the BUCS tournament and ultimately the Varsity Show.

Shortly after Town vs Gown, we send a small team to the British Universities Championships, a National competition hosted by BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport), where our boxers get the chance to compete against fellow boxers from universities across the country. Our women regularly return with medals.

Finally, at the end of Hilary, Varsity is upon us. Oxford and Cambridge alternate who hosts the event, and the teams compete across a series of bouts for the Truelove Bowl.


Trinity term is usually far more relaxed. This is the perfect opportunity for the newer boxers in the club to start progressing to sparring if that is what they would like to do.

However, following the inaugural OUABC vs the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst we hope to continue this show which will run in Trinity term.

In early Trinity a new committee is elected, and we hold our annual dinner where we celebrate the achievements of the club that year.

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