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Member Notices

Posted on 2nd October 2019:

OUABC 2019/2020
Hi everyone, as we're (finally) gearing up to start Michaelmas term here is a reminder of the training times from 0th week onwards:
Tuesday (All Men + Medicalled Women): 17:30-19:30
Thursday (All Women + Medicalled Men): 16:30-18:30
Friday (Invite only): 18:30-20:30
Saturday (Invite only): Men 09:00-10:30, Women 10:30-12:00
Sunday (All Welcome): 08:30-10:30

For now at least, due to the influx in people training in the gym at the start of term, we have split the Tuesday and Thursday sessions.
Following the trend set by last year's committee, we have also put together a Welcome Pack for this coming year - hopefully you'll find the answers to most FAQs in here, alongside contact details for all of our committee members if you have any more questions.
Please do contact any of us with any queries / worries / just for general info. Best of luck for the coming year - we'll see you in the gym 🥊

Posted on 24th September 2019:

For the second year running, we are hosting our all-women boxing match on Saturday of 5th week this Michaelmas - save the date and click going for ticket updates and further announcements.

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