Covid-19: Training Safely

*Until the 2nd of December 2020 all training will be taking place via Zoom. Please see the weekly emails or the Facebook group for the links to these sessions. If you have any problems, please contact a member of the comittee.* Once the current lockdown is over, we will continue with our socially distanced training as detailed below.

Like many sports, boxing has been affected by the spread of Covid-19. England Boxing has stated that there is to be no pad work and no sparring until social distancing measures have been further lifted - however, we are still training! The restrictions mean training will have more of a technique and strength focus this term. We will still be able to do bag work in Iffley Hall and the GLD, and will be running strength and fitness sessions. 


We welcome all members, new and returning, to join us for our revamped and COVID-safe sessions. We are using an app called Playwaze to manage sign-ups, and this has the details for each of the sessions.

Make an account at

Search for "OUABC" community and join

Book sessions for free listed under "Activities"

Once you’ve joined (it’s completely free) search for the OUABC community and join to have access to sessions and bookings. Each session has a limit of five people (with one externally assigned leader) but there is the option to join the waiting list – if there is enough interest then we will assign a second leader to run the session for a second group. If you sign up to a session then we will record your contact details for track and trace purposes. 


For now, these are outdoor sessions run in groups of six with a senior boxer or member of the Committee leading each session. We’re expecting that sessions in the Sports Hall at Iffley will be able to start hopefully next week, timetable to be released soon (keep an eye on this page for updates). The rough format of the current timetable is as follows: 


You can book to join any two sessions for free to see what you think, chat to our boxers, and decide whether you want to join the club. If you would like to continue joining sessions after this, we ask that you pay our subscription fees, which can be found here.

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