Covid-19: Training Safely

Please join the Facebook group for updates on out-of-term training. When Trinity term recommences, we hope to restart training on a semi-regular basis within the constraints of the evolving restrictions.

We welcome all members, new and returning, to join us for our revamped and COVID-safe sessions. We will most likely have to regulate sign-ups through the Playwaze app which is free to join:

Make an account at

Search for "OUABC" community and join

Book sessions for free listed under "Activities"

Once you’ve joined (it’s completely free) search for the OUABC community and join to have access to sessions and bookings. If you sign up to a session then we will record your contact details for track and trace purposes. 


You can book to join any two sessions for free to see what you think, chat to our boxers, and decide whether you want to join the club. If you would like to continue joining sessions after this, we ask that you pay our subscription fees, which can be found here.

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