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Just a few pointers for anyone planning to make small changes to the site - obviously if you're planning a complete overhaul go ahead, otherwise the formatting theme I used was:

- All text is Palatino Linotype, in white or black as appropriate

- All background / strips are either Oxford Blue (#002147) or the lighter blue / grey (#A5B9D1)

- All buttons are like this: 

If you are here because you are updating the website at the start of the year, this is a list of all the parts of the website you need to change:

- Home; "Upcoming Events" section 

- About -> Constitution / Risk Assessment / Code of Conduct; upload new files

- Become a Member; create a welcome pack button if you need one, upload new file (see e.g. the 2019/2020 welcome pack in the site files)

- Become a Member; training times

- Become a Member -> FAQs; "When and where do you train?"

- Contact; Facebook group link, click set social links and paste in the new one

- Contact -> Committee; add names, emails and pictures for incoming committee

- Pay Membership / Donate; if you are changing the subs, list new prices here

- Menu lightbox; Facebook group link, click set social links and paste in the new one

General parts to update throughout the year:

- Home; "Upcoming Events" section

- News; add any short pieces about shows or other unusual events

- Gallery; add photos from shows if you want to

- Alumni; add to the collection of newsletters as and when they are sent to you

All of the pages of the old site (overhauled in August 2020) are still available, but hidden.

If you have any questions about the site, either check the Wix help or get in contact with me (Rachel Dauncey,

Good luck! x

-Need to pay for premium subscription to Wix- runs out at the end of the year (payment due Dec 29th)

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